Future /ˈfyu tʃər/: events that will or are likely to happen.


What if it stood for something anticipated? A place to arrive with confidence; excitement; and exhilaration. To know where to go; to know where to be; to get a physique that is all empowering, unapologetic, and inspiring. An extraordinary realisation in body and mind.


"Future Health and Fitness Gym Rowville" aka FHF GYM

welcome to the future.


new cardio range

- Matrix T3X Tredmills!

- Matrix E5X Ellipticals!

- Matrix C5X Climbmill!

- Matrix Concept Rowers!

- Matrix Breaker Bench!

- ZIVA PowerRack!

your gym

Be healthier, be stronger, sleep better, and feel better. It is neither expensive nor time consuming. We are here for you to look great and feel great.


Whether you are a bodybuilder (on or off season), an athlete in a physical preparation, a couple who decided to get fit together or you just want to see what you are made of and get fit - this gym is for you.


Park your car, walk inside, request your favourite music, start your session, and achieve whatever you desire.

wolf among sheep.

the one


FHF GYM Rowville is not a franchise or a corporation. This is a family owned and run gym and fitness centre. We are here to give you the best tools and a great atmosphere so you can achieve your goal. We truly are one of a kind.

At the FHF GYM Rowville you will find everything you are looking for - strength, yoga, cardio, fitness, and endurance boot-camp gear. We have plenty of equipment for everything - even in peak hours our members don't wait in a queue to exercise.

We have many members who came to us from other gyms. Their words truly and without any exaggeration: 'Wish I'd known you guys years ago...'

tailored for you.



Everything is included from start to finish when you join:

+ Gym - the best strength machines of all kind;

+ Yoga - hatha yoga, pranayama and stretching;

+ Cardio - hi-tech latest cardio equipment;

+ Music - request your music on a powerful stereo;

+ Open 24/7 - access whenever you need;

+ Showers, drinking fountain, parking, and free fruits.

Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscles? Stretch and do Yoga? Join the best - FHF GYM Rowville. We are open 24/7.

become a leader.

corporate membership


If you run a business, a factory or even a fire brigade - sitting, standing or doing the same action day by day - there is a route to better - our corporate membership is for any business or governmental organisation, large or small.

Take an advantage of our gym and yoga to the fullest - improving employees' fitness and motivation. Corporate yoga classes can be taught at your workplace. Why not let your employees get fit and healthy? Contact us for more info or ask your boss to contact us.

Healthier, stronger and motivated - we are here to get you there. An advantage for your business is an advantage for us.

achieve and conquer.



There are no trainers, products, or a magic formula in the world that will do the work for you. There is only one who can - you!

No matter what, why or when - the gym is not going anywhere. If you want to see a change in your mental and physical state - get up and do it; or help someone who needs to.

Become an achiever. Be in command. Build a fantastic physique and confidence - YOU CAN! At the FHF GYM Rowville, we've got what you need to get there. We are in this business for 14 years for a reason.

"Future Health & Fitness Gym Rowville"

Live to Pump!

contact us:

fhf gym 24/7

6 Laser Drive, Rowville

Melbourne, Victoria, 3178


mon-fri: 10am - 7pm

sat: 11am - 4pm

or arrange an appointment


(03) 9753 4411

0404 615 998


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